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With brand-new product and service design features, AMET was selected as an Arab technology cooperation and exchange company by the China-Arab Technology Transfer Center, participated in a special technology investment negotiation meeting between China and Arab countries, and officially entered the overseas market through the “Belt and Road” initiative.


The intelligent ultrasonic small-caliber water meter 20mm-25mm was successfully developed. The minimum measurement accuracy can reach 3L/h, the range ratio can reach 250, and the measurement error can reach >1%. AMET's intelligent ultrasonic water meter is specially designed for mobile Internet and is suitable for mobile phone automatic meter reading and payment. It is also suitable for setting up a wired meter reading system.


At the "China Internet of Things Industry Association" product and technology docking joint meeting, AMET showed and explained in detail the ultrasonic water meter and smart application solutions based on the Internet of Things, which aroused great interest and resonance among industry professionals. Many smart cities The solution provider and the real estate group company expressed their wishes for cooperation on the spot.

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